Domo Stories

No-code Action Apps

No-Code Curated dashboards help guide data analysis

Domo Stories allow you to tell targeted stories by creating custom pages that translate smoothly across devices and retain the same card orientation and size. Layouts have been optimized for web, mobile, tablet, print, and scheduled reports. Hundreds of layout templates are pre-built individually for dozens of use cases. Leverage Domo Stories to bridge the gap between understanding data and taking action in record time.



Domo Stories allow you to:

  • Customize dashboard layouts with rich functionality — no coding required
  • Deliver a consistent story no matter the device
  • Build mobile ready apps with no additional work
  • Use filters so individuals can view only the data they need to see
  • Make your data interactive
  • Build in write-back capabilities


To get started using Domo Stories:



Building and editing Cards

Cards are a core component in Domo that allow you to visualize your data to gain quick insights into key business questions that are crucial to running a successful business. For additional help on building, using and editing cards refer to the following Knowledge Base articles:

Understanding Cards

Understanding Pages

Analyzer Layout

Creating cards

Configuring cards

Configuring a summary number

Setting up Data Labels

Choosing Chart types

Intro to Beast Mode

Grouping Data into Buckets

Creating a drill path

Resizing and rearranging cards

Design Studio

Design Studio empowers you to leverage Adobe Illustrator to tell stunning, data-driven stories that are powered by data in Domo. Imagination is your limit to create powerful and interactive designs using this tool. These designs could then be brought into Domo and be connected to your existing data. This tool enables you to create visually appealing apps to answer important business questions.

To get started using this tool refer to Design Studio documentation here.