Domo Stories

No-code action Apps

Create business apps for targeted problems without ever writing a single line of code

What is an app?

Domo Apps tell stories with data, answer critical business questions, guide analysis of data, and augment common business processes. Developers and non-developers alike can leverage Domo’s Data Experience (DDX) framework, complete with all the tools you need to build apps out of the box and in a fraction of the time without ever writing a single line of code.

No-code apps: What you can build

There are endless possibilities of what you can build using No-code Apps on the Domo platform. The most common use cases are apps that:

Drive action: Using workflow widgets that are available in the Appstore, you can trigger actions directly from your dashboard the moment you learn an important insight. Widgets allow you to writeback to 3rd-party systems, make manual changes to values in a Domo DataSet, trigger alerts and more, creating a truly app-like experience for anybody.







Guide analysis: DDX apps allow you to guide users in how to think about and understand their data. Use things like card size and position to communicate areas of focus, include expert commentary or contextual guidance in-line with text boxes, and use saved filter views to curate insights for all users regardless of their level of data expertise.







Extend your data’s reach with OEM branding: Use cards, text, and images to match your company’s unique branding to customize how your data is presented. Change background colors and other elements to brand your apps and build users’ trust, making your apps feel like an OEM part of your product.




See it in Action


Additional Examples

Other examples of No-code apps include:

Apps for Navigation: Build UI to help guide users through relevant content and where they need to go next. In this example, clicking on any of the images will link you to other content. Use this as a way of stringing content together into one, consistent narrative.








Landing pages: Use a curated landing page to increase visibility for important information, and as a way to ensure that everybody starts from a common point when they log in to Domo.









Curated mobile experiences: Domo’s mobile-first architecture ensures that the solutions you build are automatically optimized for any device—so your story stays consistent no matter the device.



Distributed Stories: Provide users and clients the data they need in the systems your users already know. Any Domo Story can easily be embedded in a third-party system and will continue to update in realtime.










When to build a Custom App

For the more experienced code-wranglers out there, Custom Apps allow you to take the Domo Data Experience even further, leveraging the full power of custom code. Custom Apps are best suited when you need to:

  1. Build custom components or behaviors that don’t already exist
  2. Digitize or create workflows that don’t already exist or augment current workflows
  3. Create unique UI or visualizations to guide business analysis

Tools for No-code App Development

Domo Stories

Domo Stories allow you to:

  • Customize backgrounds and color palettes for branding
  • Set custom interactions to define custom behaviors for filtering and connecting content
  • Visualize data with custom charts
  • Build in write-back capabilities using widgets from the Appstore
  • Edit mobile layouts (coming soon!)

Widgets from the Appstore

Add functionality to your app with widgets that are available in the Domo Appstore. Widgets are pre-built apps that can be downloaded and used in your No-code apps to further expand capabilities of your app. They currently include:

  • Form Builder/Form viewer for manual data capture
  • Inline Editing of datasets
  • Flex Maps
  • Carousel cards
  • Easy image switchers
  • Many more to come