Domo Platform Overview

Welcome to Domo’s developer documentation.  Domo helps people connect, manage, visualize, collaborate and act on data to optimize their business.  The Domo developer documentation allows you to discover how you can leverage APIs and Domo tools to extend Domo functionality for custom solutions.

Developers can use the Domo platform to:

  • Extend Domo functionality to their own external applications
  • Create and sell apps and utilities within Domo’s ecosystem
  • Build integrations to connect to data from any source
  • Automate processes to extend Domo’s platform at an enterprise scale

Getting Started

Domo helps you seamlessly connect, manage, and visualize data. Choose one of the guides below to get started.


Whether you're a developer, designer, or a Domo user, you can create insightful custom visualizations using Domo's development tools and APIs

Card Builder

Domo's Card Builder allows you to visualize data with drag and drop functionality to make complex sets of data consumable with just a few simple clicks.

Design Studio

The Design Studio allows you to harness the power of Adobe Illustrator to build stunning, real-time infographics.

Dev Studio

With the Dev Studio, you gain the ultimate flexibility to develop your own custom visualizations using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and just about any web technology.

Connect to Data

Domo makes it easy to integrate data from any source across your organization—on-premise or in the cloud—with a flexible array of data connection options.

Domo Connectors

Domo’s 450+ native Connectors bring data in directly from 3rd party sources—no coding required. Explore some of the most popular connectors used in the Domo platform

Domo Connector IDE

If you want to connect to a cloud solution with an API, you can create your own connector to dynamically bring your data into Domo. Domo’s Connector IDE and pre-built examples make it easy to create a connector and further customize your Domo experience.


Workbench is a tool that allows you to upload data to Domo from your environment. Frequently it is used to routinely upload data that exists behind your firewall. You can use Domo Workbench to routinely upload data from Excel, CSV, ODBC, QuickBooks, and other data sources to Domo.

Workbench Plug-ins

The Workbench Developer Platform uses Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) that can be built in your language and IDE of choice and then installed into Workbench through the Plugin Manager.

DataSet API

The DataSet API allows you to automate the creation of new DataSets in your Domo Warehouse, import and export data, and more.

Stream API

The Strean API was designed to enable ways to create and update massive, constantly changing, or rapidly growing DataSets.

Manage Domo

Domo APIs provide the secure environment you need to automate users and groups or manage data imports and exports. Domo has a wide variety of APIs, and more are always being published.

User API

Users are lifeline in Domo enable people to share insights on data and collaborate and discuss in Domo's Buzz tool. The User API enables you to manage users at an enterprise scale.

Group API

The Group API allows you to manage groups of users in Domo to provide easier ways to grant access and share content with a collection of users.

Audit API

The Audit API provides a way for you to access the usage records in your Domo instance for external purposes.

Developer Tools

Domo SDKs

Domo offers Software Development Kits (SDKs) in popular languages to accelerate development on Domo's platform. Review the API libraries supported by Domo and our development community.

Developer Sandbox

Domo's developer sandbox enables anyone to explore the developer tools and API functionality of the Domo platform with an environment that mirrors a Domo production environment.

Developer Changelog

Domo's developer changelog helps you follow the latest changes and updates to our tools, documentation and APIs.


Authentication Model

Protecting your data is Domo's highest priority. Review the Domo authentication model to learn how to access Domo's platform of APIs.

API Reference

The API Reference section provides in-depth documentation to each of Domo's REST APIs.

Open Source Examples

Explore sample projects built by Domo and the developer community to learn more about the Domo platform.

Need Additional Help?

No problem, we'd love to help. Explore our documentation, answers to frequently asked questions, or join other developers in Domo's Developer Forum.  For further help, feel free to email us or contact our sales team.