Stream API


Sending large amounts of data over HTTP can be problematic.  Even the smallest of network disruptions can render your entire upload corrupted.  We designed the Streams API to help alleviate some of these problems and provide you with the ability to consistently and successfully upload data to your Domo instance.

Note: Only DataSets created with the API can be updated via APIs.

Note: Pushing data to the API is limited to once per hour for Standard and Standard Trial users.

A DataSet is your data at rest in your Domo instance. A stream is a simple abstraction that describes your data in motion.

In order to leverage the Stream API, a basic understanding is needed of each step shown in the diagram below:

Figure: Stream API Flow

Stream API use cases

Streams in Domo allow you to import data for multiple use cases:

  • Constant import of large amounts of data into a DataSet
  • Updates to existing data on a frequent basis
  • Accelerating the time required to import large DataSets

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