Build custom solutions and make them available on any device to digitize and augment common business processes, create unique visualizations to guide analysis for users, and collect data.

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Zillow gives its data a
home with Domo

Zillow’s former end-of-the-month invoicing reporting process was inefficient and excessively complicated. Now, using Domo to run scheduled reports with no manual intervention needed, Zillow has seen the billing process simplified and the time of processing reduced by 90%
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Predictive marketing across 36 brands, 150 countries

L’Oreal is using their app in Domo to provide a 360-degree overview to drive their marketing from prescriptive to predictive. The app shows a competitive overview in the total market and allows their data to be filtered to custom roles.
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Domo helps Philz Coffee understand product sales in real time

Philz uses Domo to quickly bring all its sales data and customer experience data together in one place. Store leaders and company executives can track performance, visualize trends, and see feedback from customers in real time.
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