Custom Connectors

Connector Dev Studio

If you want to connect to a cloud solution with an API, you can create your own connector to dynamically bring your data into Domo. Domo’s IDE and pre-built examples make it easy to create a connector and further customize your Domo experience.  Whether you want the connector for exclusive use within you own company, or you want to add it to the community of all available connectors, our Connector Dev Studio guide will walk you through each of the steps, as well as any recommended best practices, to build your own custom Domo connector.


Before You Start

Before building a new connector make sure one that meets your use case doesn’t already exist. You can see existing connectors by going to the Data Center in Domo and selecting “+Add DataSet.”

The connectors page will display the current connectors:

Let's Build!

If your desired connector does not exist, you can use the Connector Dev Studio to build your own. Click on the button below to be directed to the Connector Dev Studio IDE:

If you want more understanding of how to better work with the Connector Dev Studio then continue to the next section or jump to a section of interest by using the navigation on the left.

Important to note: while the IDE runs your code client side in your chosen browser, your deployed code will run in the Nashorn engine found in Java 8. Make sure you follow the best practices of that engine and only use the objects and methods it supports. Specifically, please use ES5, as ES6 is not supported in the IDE. See the ECMAScript Language Specification for details.

For example Xmlhttprequest is not supported you will need to use httprequest in its place. Sample call: