Custom Connectors

Connector Dev Studio

With over 500 pre-built connectors available, Domo helps you get the data you need to drive your business. However, if you need a unique cloud connection that is not currently available, with a little JavaScript knowledge, the Connector Dev Studio enables you to create your own connector. Whether you want the connector for exclusive use within your own company, or you want to add it to the community of all available connectors, our Connector Dev Studio guide will walk you through building your own custom connector.

Before You Start

Before building a new connector, make sure the connector doesn’t already exist. Domo has over 500 pre-built connectors, and our engineers are continually adding more. You can see existing cloud connectors by navigating to the Data Connectors page.

  1. Click  in the upper right of the menu bar.
  2. Select Data.
  3. Select Cloud App. The Data Connectors page will display the current connectors.

Let's Build!

To build a custom connector, the API you wish to connect to must meet a few requirements. It must:

  • Use https
  • Use a REST API
  • Either require no authentication, or authenticate using
    • OAuth 2.0
    • An API Key
    • A username and password

Click Build Now to be directed to the Connector Dev Studio’s integrated development environment (IDE).

Click Next to access step-by-step instructions to building your own connector, or navigate directly to a section using the navigation menu on the left.

Note: Because the IDE is built using the Java 8.0 Nashorn engine, you need to write your code using JavaScript compatible with ECMAScript 5 (ES5). For example, Xmlhttprequest is not supported. Use httprequest in its place: