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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the IDE?

This feature is available from the Custom Connectors page.

How do I designate the corresponding icon for this connector?

User will be prompted to upload the desired icon as part of the custom connector creation process.

How long is the beta / trial period for the custom connector?

The beta / trial version of the connector will be available for 14 days, after which it will become inactive. The customer should expect to hear from the Domo connector team that either:

  • Domo has approved the custom connector and the final version is published for use
  • The customer has to refine the connector and resubmit.

What should I do in case my connector is rejected?

Make the requested revisions as listed by the Domo custom connector team and resubmit the custom connector.

If I resubmit my custom connector, will my newly submitted connector be eligible for another 14 day trial / review period?

Yes. Each time you self publish a custom connector, that connector will be eligible for 14 day review / trial period.

What happens after the 14 day trial period expires?

The beta custom connector will expire and no longer be available for use.

So will all connectors now have a 14 day trial review period, regardless if it’s public or private facing?

The 14 day trial feature only allows the customer to review the custom connector in their private instance. The customer can choose to publish their custom connector publicly – however they can only review the trial version in their instance.

Will I be able to retract my submission?

Yes, you can retract your submission anytime.

What will happen if I withdraw and resubmit my custom connector within the 14 day trial period?

The newly resubmitted version will replace the previously submitted version.

It’s been more than 14 days and I have not heard anything from the Domo Custom Connector team. Who can I contact for help?

Please reach out to for assistance.

Are all custom connectors available for self-publication and 14 day trial period?

All custom connectors are available for self-publication and 14 day trial period except those custom connectors using Oauth account type OR discovery parameters in additional metadata. Those custom connectors can still be submitted for review, but the “Self-Publish” button will not appear on the screen.

What is the SLA for the review process turn-around time?

The SLA for the review process turn-around time is 30 days.