DDX Bricks

Leverage DDX Bricks to create apps with no coding

What are DDX Bricks?

DDX Bricks are pre-built objects that allow you to create advanced visualizations and apps and can be customized by simply copying and pasting code.

With DDX Bricks, business users, citizen developers, and full stack developers can quickly iterate, prototype and compose new apps with beautiful and advanced features. You can choose from Bricks available in the Domo Appstore. You can also use DDX Bricks to render a new library you found online — it’s as easy as copy and paste.

DDX Bricks lets you use HTML, CSS and JS to completely customize your app. These new custom solutions visuals are immediately rendered and can be easily updated all within your Domo instance.

Now there is a seamless path for business users to progress from out-of-the box app building constraints to scalable, powerful, customized objects that extend Domo to meet any business need.

DDX Bricks allow you to:

  • Quickly prototype and iterate from an infinite number of possible business applications
  • Build an application from scratch using HTML, CSS and JS tied to Domo data
  • Copy and paste examples from the web to customize your dashboard
  • Build a brand new chart type by using your favorite UI library tied to Domo data
  • Leverage D3 snippets to create innovative new data visualizations or specialized UI components
  • Edit in real-time with the DDX script box to quickly perfect your app
  • Easily connect to any dataset available in Domo or use sample data to start building
  • Share and reuse the solutions you build across your organization
  • Create custom navigation menus, drag and drop DDX Bricks into layouts and dashboards, and add DDX Bricks to automated features in Domo like scheduled reports

Available DDX Bricks

Upcoming DDX Bricks Apps:

    • D3 pie, line and bar apps: Use the D3 library to add custom visualizations tied to your Domo data

  • Mapbox app: Build beautiful and powerful street-level maps and interactions tied to your Domo data using the MapBox library
  • HTML app: See how to create a card using HTML from examples you find on the web
  • Leaflt map app: Choose from one of over 30 map looks to instantly see modern maps with flare using the leaflet library
  • Phoenix pie, line and bar apps: Customize a card with HTML, CSS and JS while maintaining a consistent Domo chart experience by using the Phoenix library
  • Table app: Customize your unique table views by using pre-built table libraries
  • Google map
  • Vega chart
  • Observable interactive chart
  • Navigation app
  • Animated app: Analyze data interactively
  • chart.js: Charts from chart.js library
  • Play a chart: Push the play button to see how your data changes over time
  • Parameter ONLY app
  • No code apps: Pick your options from easy to use drop-down controls


To start using DDX Bricks you will need:

  • A Domo account
  • Permission to create an app from the Appstore
  • Understanding of how to work with domo datasets (for example how to build a card from a dataset)
  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JS are useful to fully customize DDX Bricks

Next Steps

Follow our walkthroughs for Getting Started with DDX Bricks.