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Domo Stories

To get started using Domo Stories:

Refer to the following Knowledge Base articles on creating and using Domo Stories:

Creating Domo Stories

Exporting Domo Stories Pages to PDF

Building and Editing Cards in Domo

Cards are a core component in Domo that allow you to visualize your data to gain quick insights into key business questions that are crucial to running a successful business. For additional help on building, using and editing cards refer to the following Knowledge Base articles:

Understanding Cards

Understanding Pages

Analyzer Layout

Creating cards

Configuring cards

Configuring a summary number

Setting up Data Labels

Choosing Chart types

Intro to Beast Mode

Grouping Data into Buckets

Creating a drill path

Resizing and rearranging cards

Creating an Alert for a KPI Card

Using Filter Cards to Filter Card Content

Building and Editing Charts in Domo

Use Domo’s Analyzer tool to create charts that visualize and make complex sets of data consumable with just a few simple clicks. For additional help on building and using charts refer to the following Knowledge Base articles:

Analyzer Overview

Available Chart Types

Building Each Chart Type

Chart Properties

Understanding Chart Data

Adding Filters to Your Chart

Sorting Data in Your Chart

Formatting Values in Your Chart

Building Custom Apps

To start building custom apps refer to the App Dev Studio documentation.

Domo Appstore

Domo’s Appstore provides a collection of apps built by Domo and our community that you can leverage for fast insights. For more information and to start using the Appstore refer to the following:

About Appstore

Appstore Overview

Using the Appstore