Enhance your sites and web portals by embedding live data

Turn your data into an asset, everywhere.

Embed Domo Cards privately in SSO-enabled websites, portals, and applications, or publicly on public websites, blogs, and social media platforms. Use the policies you already have set up externally with Programmatic filters in server-side code. Enhance your sites and web portals with live data. Leverage your customer portal logins for each individual user and through filters you can create a personalized experience for each individual user. Foster self- service exploration with filter, drill, and link interactions.


The Domo Everywhere: Domo Embed feature allows you to:

  • Make your data interactive
  • Maintain your brand using your own custom colors and logos
  • Embed live data into your sites and portals to enhance your product


Example Embedded Dashboards

Check out the following links for examples of embedded dashboards:

Video Walkthrough

The following video guide will walk you through using Domo Embed: