URL Parameters in Embedded Content

Domo Everywhere supports three main types of URL parameters in embedded content:

  • Transparent Backgrounds
  • Pfilters
  • AppData

Transparent Backgrounds

Many embed customers customize the dashboard background color or image to make embedded content feel native.



With this URL parameter, making the background totally transparent can make embedded content seem even more native to the host page.

Here is how an embedded dashboard looks when the background is the host page is black and the URL parameter is set to true (?transparentBackground=true)



Here is how that same embedded dashboard looks when the background transparency is set to false (?transparentBackground=false)


P Filters

This article in the Domo knowledge base shows examples URL query parameters called “Pfilters” (parameter filters). These follow the common pattern of defining a column, operand, and value to filter.

Click here to review how to link from one embedded dashboard to another while persisting exploratory pfilters for less sensitive use cases.

Pfilters can be created and persisted automatically when embedded content links to other embedded content while maintaining the items that have been clicked previously. This auto-creation of pfilters is activated by checking the box outlined below.



Review how to link from one embedded dashboard to another while maintaining secure programmatic filters here.



The appData parameter supports passing in general types of inputs to the app. The app developer needs to watch for the parameter, parse the value, and inject it into the most relevant part of the app.

For example, the value of the parameter could then auto-populate a drop-down menu in an app that selects the location. This way, the host page can avoid the delay of waiting for manual inputs. They can now deep-link to a version of the app that already has specific values filled in. Spaces should be encoded as “+” :

The query parameters on the embed URL will then be automatically passed down into the apps (e.g. contained by the embedded cards or dashboards.