Embedded Capabilities

Provide more functionality to your external customers by empowering them to create, edit, save, and share their own content from the embedded experience.

The most advanced companies integrate the full power of the platform. Domo Everywhere allows you to share the rich data experience of the entire Domo platform — any data, application, or visualization — packaged together for your customers and partners that aligns with your brand and while maintaining the ability to easily govern and distribute at scale. You decide what tools and capabilities to enable. Start with the majority of your functionality already built so you can focus on your expertise.



Domo Identity Broker

Your most strategic customers and partners demand more than dashboards. OEM all of Domo in your interface so your partners and customers can:

  • Create totally new content
  • Create their own alerts
  • Schedule their own reports
  • Connect their own data
  • Transform both sides together


Next Steps

This exciting Domo Everywhere feature and premium functionality is being rolled out as a part of our beta program. For more info or to get started using these capabilities contact us at