Federated Queries

Use federated adapters to query data directly from where you’ve already hosted it

Make the most of your existing data strategy investments

Domo’s federated data model allows you to use data from your existing data lakes and data warehouses without duplicating it in Domo, enabling faster implementation and lower maintenance and overhead costs. Use your firewalls to control all inbound and outbound traffic in-transit, and maintain control by defining the time to live for the cache and granting access only to approved database tables.

Make the most of your existing data storage investments, and directly render cards and other user-level interactions in the Domo platform using a database hosted outside of Domo’s cloud.



Federated queries allow you to:

  • Avoid redundancy data copies
  • Control and protect data
  • Keep response times quick
  • Use Domo as a rapid prototyping data mart


Next Steps

To get started using Domo’s federated data solution: