Group API

Grant access to specified content or conversations using the Group API

Groups are useful inside Domo because you can grant access to specified content or conversations to all members of a group. It also adds quick access for users inside Domo’s chat tool, Buzz, to mention a group of users which can then trigger notifications to each member.

For example, you might create a “Marketing” group whose members have access to marketing-related dashboards. Or, you could create a “Solutions Consulting” group with access to specific message conversation inside Domo’s Buzz tool.

Group use cases

Groups in Domo allow you to scale and extend Domo’s user management to support multiple use cases:

  • Grant personalized data permission permissions to an entire set of related users based on similar attributes (e.g. department, team, locale)
  • Share subscriptions and access to dashboards and metrics to a group without needing to enroll individuals one at a time
  • Easily draw attention to a larger audience by sending a message to an entire group while in Domo’s collaboration tool.

Next steps

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