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Sales Leaderboard

Thanks for installing and test driving Sales Leaderboard! This guide is intended to help you connect this app to your own data. The first step is to ensure that your data follows the same schema (or structure) of the sample datasets that are currently powering the app. Fortunately, Domo has created some powerful data transformation tools to help, along with the step-by-step instructions provided below.

Step 1: Prepare Your Data

This app requires creating the following custom datasets. To do this, you'll need to ensure that you have each of these fields in Domo. Then you'll need to use transforms to create datasets that follow the exact structure or schema of the datasets below. For help with Dataflows, Magic ETL, or BeastModes, please visit Domo University.

DataSet Name: SAMPLE_Sales Data
Field NameData TypeReport Name / Object NameSource Description of Field
CreatedDate_rolling_DATESAMPLE_Sales DataSalesforce, SugarCRM, PipedriveDate created
AccountIDSTRINGSAMPLE_Sales DataSalesforce, SugarCRM, PipedriveUnique account ID
AccountSTRINGSAMPLE_Sales DataSalesforce, SugarCRM, PipedriveAccount
IndustrySTRINGSAMPLE_Sales DataSalesforce, SugarCRM, PipedriveName of industry
BillingStateSTRINGSAMPLE_Sales DataSalesforce, SugarCRM, PipedriveBilling State
BillingCountrySTRINGSAMPLE_Sales DataSalesforce, SugarCRM, PipedriveBilling Country
EmployeesLONGSAMPLE_Sales DataSalesforce, SugarCRM, PipedriveEmployees associated with tracked metrics
ContactNameSTRINGSAMPLE_Sales DataSalesforce, SugarCRM, PipedriveContact name
ContactRoleSTRINGSAMPLE_Sales DataSalesforce, SugarCRM, PipedriveContact role
AmountDOUBLESAMPLE_Sales DataSalesforce, SugarCRM, PipedriveAmount
CloseDate_rolling_DATESAMPLE_Sales DataSalesforce, SugarCRM, PipedriveDate closed of tracked metrics
IsClosedSTRINGSAMPLE_Sales DataSalesforce, SugarCRM, PipedriveMeasures weather this is closed or not
IsWonSTRINGSAMPLE_Sales DataSalesforce, SugarCRM, PipedriveDetermines weather or not it won
Lead SourceSTRINGSAMPLE_Sales DataSalesforce, SugarCRM, PipedriveSource of lead
Stage NameSTRINGSAMPLE_Sales DataSalesforce, SugarCRM, PipedriveStage name
Rep NameSTRINGSAMPLE_Sales DataSalesforce, SugarCRM, PipedriveRepresentative name

Step 2: Connect Your Data

Once you've finished preparing your data as outlined in Step 1 you're ready to connect it to your app. To do this, go to the page in Domo where the app is installed and click the "CONNECT YOUR DATA" button at the top of the page.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 3.52.48 PM

Additional help

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