Connect your IoT devices and other business systems together in Domo

Turn connected devices into a new source of business intelligence

Connect any device in your fleet to combine real time IoT data with operational data from any key business system, and get the most complete picture of what is happening in your business.


Domo’s IoT Cloud allows you to:

  • Connect any JSON formatted IoT data and start getting live data in Domo using the JSON Webhook Connector
  • Sync data from your PLC Controllers directly to Domo using the OPC Plug-in through Workbench
  • Connect and combine all your data
  • Put data in your team’s hands
  • Write data from Domo back to your source systems
  • Use all your data to drive immediate action
  • Create business value from machine and device data, whether it’s from the shop floor or out in the field


Next Steps

To get started connecting your IoT devices:




For any other questions you have regarding IoT contact us.