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Build custom applications to answer your specific business questions

Build custom solutions and make them available on any device to digitize and augment common business processes, create unique visualizations to guide analysis for users, and collect data.

Popular use cases

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Leverage the Domo platform to Build tools designed to collect data, build integrations to connect to data from any source, connect all your data with bi-directional architecture, bring predictability and visualization to workflows, use data science to drive insights, automate processes to extend Domo’s platform at an enterprise scale, and deliver your solution to the right people on any platform. Once you have built your app, you have the option to connect to the Domo ecosystem through the Appstore.


Leverage some of the following tools to build your apps and custom solutions:


Build easy-to-use visualizations using Phoenix, Domo's powerful charting engine within your application


No need to stand up a database to store your app's business logic. AppDB is a nosql database for storing arbitrary JSON documents & creating DataSets from your app.

Domo Actions

Leverage Domo to writeback only a specific item to source systems, like updating a lead in Salesforce from your Domo App.

Files API

Manage, secure, share, and govern all of your files using the File API.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript and general web development skills are required to build custom apps on the Domo platform using Domo’s Dev Studio.

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Domo helps Philz Coffee understand product sales in real time

Philz uses Domo to quickly bring all its sales data and customer experience data together in one place. Store leaders and company executives can track performance, visualize trends, and see feedback from customers in real time.
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Making retail personal with a personalized mobile app

Telus’ app gives them the ability to track key KPIs to help all of Telus’ 360+ stores across Canada align to the same data and be consistent in the metrics they measure. The app can be personalized down to track individual sales rep’s performance.
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Driving Revenue Using a Custom Visualization

The Utah Jazz can track how various conditions impact key revenue, sales, and attendance metrics, with a custom seat-by-seat visualization of their stadium. The app has allowed analysts and non-analysts alike to explore data and find insights.
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