Enterprise Integration

Securely manage your systems, data, and users at scale

Manage your systems, data, and users

Domo’s data governance framework allows you to ensure that everyone can see the right data at the right time, keep that data secure, and manage it all at scale in a secure environment.

At the center of this framework are APIs that allow you to efficiently govern data access and set administration polices based on identity information gathered from roles, groups, attributes, preferences and filters. The framework also allows you to integrate your security tools with Domo’s enterprise-class security features. Implement security controls using your SSO provider, two-factor authentication, and set up encryption with Bring Your Own Key data encryption.


Leverage some of the following tools to start governing data access and set administration policies:


Leverage Domo's APIs to help build your solutions


The quickest way to begin developing in Domo using Java and Python


Use Domo's Workbench to upload and help manage on-premise data

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