Page API

Organize, manage, and share content to other users in Domo using the Page API

A page in Domo is a screen where you can view a “collection” of data, which is typically displayed in cards. You use a page to organize, manage, and share content to other users in Domo.

Pages allow you to send external reports, create holistic filters across all metrics within the page, or have conversations in Domo’s Buzz tool about the data associated to the entire page.  The Page API allows you to create, delete,  retrieve a page or a list of pages, and update page information and content within a page.

Page use cases

The Page API allows you to extend Domo’s platform to support multiple use cases:

  • Automate external processes to administer and manage content within Domo
  • Easily copy pages, page collections, or cards within an instance
  • Grant access to groups or users to a page
  • Lock or unlock the capability to edit a page’s information or content.

Next steps

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