What are Domo Apps?

Domo Apps tell stories with data, answer critical business questions, and arm decision makers with confidence to make the right decisions at the right time. With tools designed for any skill level, everyone from developers to everyday business users can build Domo apps.

Follow the four-step process to develop Domo apps:

step 1

Define your app.

Before you start building, it's best to define the specific value your app will provide to users. By understanding the challenges, questions, and potential decisions facing your audience every day, you can create an app with more value, a longer shelf life, and a better ROI for you.

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step 2

Get data for your app.

App visualizations are powered by datasets that live in Domo. We'll walk you through the fundamental tools and features you'll need to acquire and transform data and start building apps.

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step 3

Build your app.

Whether you’re a developer, designer, or a Domo user, you can create insightful custom visualizations using Domo’s app development tools.

Here are the tools the Domo Appstore currently supports:

card builder

Card Builder

Visualize data with drag and drop functionality to make complex sets of data consumable with just a few simple clicks.

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app design studio

App Design Studio

Harness the power of Adobe Illustrator to build stunning, real-time infographics.

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app dev studio

App Dev Studio

Gain ultimate flexibility and develop your own custom visualizations using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and just about any web technology.

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step 4

Publish to the Appstore.

Once you've built your app, you have the option to market it to thousands of C-level executives and decision makers through the Domo Appstore.

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Not yet an App Publisher?

Members of Domo’s partner network can develop on the Domo platform, publish their own apps and visualizations, and market their creations to every Domo user.

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